Integrated Business Planning

Making more integrated decisions that are best for the business by balancing customer service, inventory and cost-to-serve
Stellium’s Integrated Planning services help companies identify, implement and institutionalize S&OP, Forecasting, Supply, Production Scheduling and Inventory optimization improvements that drive tangible business results
We apply deep and distinctive functional expertise to help clients overcome typical supply chain planning challenges to balance customer service requirements, working capital investment, and customer and product portfolios to achieve the maximum performance from your current inventory investments and network capacity
Stellium’s typical Integrated Planning Engagements may focus on one or more of following key areas:
Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)
Demand Planning
Inventory Optimization
Supply & Replenishment Planning
Production Planning and Production Scheduling
Order Promise / Available-To-Promise

Stellium Edge
We combine the power of deep functional & industry expertise, analytics & optimization sciences, process engineering and advanced technologies to deliver inventive
solutions. We are a specialized firm focused on helping our clients achieve sustainable results by improving Value Chain and minimizing decision latency across the organization.


500+ years of
combined expertise
across industries.

100+ employees worldwide focused
on the success of your business.

Proven solutions that
drive growth and
increase cost-effectiveness.

Best-of-breed platforms
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customized business solutions.